The WattCafeEnterprise Platform

WattCafe is a powerful energy information system ready for rapid launch at your facility. It brings live energy data from numerous remote meters or servers to a common point. Dashboards and mobile devices present key information of interest on a 24x7 basis.

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Why WattCafe? Why Now?

The WattCafe platform is the brainchild of Digital Energy, a firm with over 25 years of expertise in energy efficiency, building commissioning and renewable energy systems design. Solutions offered by WattCafe reflect our extensive experience in the energy industry. WattCafe is the only solution in the market that can match your drive and enthusiasm for taking control of your facility's energy portfolio. WattCafe gives you the tools to steer your facility away from rising energy costs in a timely manner. Whether you are simply focusing on electricity or you want to expand it to include other utilities such as water, chilled water, hot water and steam, etc., WattCafe's platform is robust and flexible enough to accommodate your needs with a super-fast implementation period. There is no better time than now to see how WattCafe technology can give you command over your energy future.

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