WattCafe FAQs

What hardware do I need?

You will need (1) electronic meter(s) that can share data, (2) network between meters and (3) internet access from the facility. Meters typically have an industry standard protocol like Modbus over IP to share data. Today, most meter manufacturers provide electric meters that have these capabilities. Each meter should have its designated IP address. WattCafe's software grabs live data from the meters and drops it onto the dashboard, as simple as that.

Can you provide meters if we don't have any?

Our engineering team will work with you to get you the best possible custom metering solution. Just let us know and we will be happy to help.

We already have a metering solution in place that comes with its own software? Any thoughts?

The WattCafe software can integrate with your existing metering solution and communicate with its database. Most of the manufacturers use Microsoft SQL Server or equivalent as the backend software and the good news is that WattCafe can talk to it.

What are the different types of interfaces that WattCafe provides?

WattCafe by default comes with a power user interface useful to most energy managers, a "click-free" dashboard that can be showcased in lounges and common office spaces as well as a mobile interface for information at your fingertips.

Can the interfaces be customized?

Absolutely. We can customize the charts and themes displayed to our clients' preference. WattCafe offers many different charts for both information and detailed diagnostics. You choose what chart types to be displayed and the best part is that we can make this selection dynamic for you.

What energy types can we meter?

There are no limits as long as the meter is electronic and can communicate over a network. Electric meters, chilled water meters, hot water meters are common examples. WattCafe can also track renewables like photovoltaics and even exercise equipment that can feed your energy infrastructure.

How long does it take to install WattCafe?

Well, the majority of time is taken by meter hardware setup (assuming you don't have them already installed). You can ask Digital Energy to commission the same or provide a ready to use hardware solution with which WattCafe can integrate... truly your call. Once we do the handshake with your meters, WattCafe can be up and running within a matter of hours.

What is your response time in case of emergencies?

We really hope that you don't run into emergency situations, but sometimes these might simply be unavoidable. We can connect to the WattCafe system remotely and run diagnostics. In fact,WattCafe will notify us if there is a communication problem between your meters and the WattCafe software. Depending on the commute time, our engineers can be on site within hours.

How much does WattCafe cost?

WattCafe is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Our clients typically pay a yearly subscription fee that is calcuated based on various factors like number of meters, additional services requested e.g. energy studies, commissioning, etc. as well as company promotions that might be going on.We truly cannot come up with a cost model for you unless we evaluate all your requirements.

I am interested, how do I learn more about the product?

Please contact us and one of our engineers will get in touch with you. CLICK HERE

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